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Getting Chloroquine For The Treatment of COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans are feeling highly apprehensive about day to day life. Because there is no vaccine for the virus, the concerns over people’s health wherever they live in the country is significant.

Coronavirus Patient Complications

While a large percentage of those who get the virus do not have serious complications, about 20% of people who contract the virus will experience severe side symptoms, including hospitalization. While the virus does not seem to cause as many serious complications for younger people, they still can get a very serious bout of the virus. Additionally, the virus does have some primary target groups, and these include people over the age of sixty-five and those who have pre-existing conditions.

People who experience the more serious effects of the virus can significantly benefit from some type of therapeutic medicine for treatment. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a wide variety of treatments tried across the globe. Some of the medications have had minimal impact, while others have shown great promise as a treatment option. Some of the most promising treatments have come from a few drugs that have been on the market for years to treat other ailments.

Alternative Treatments for Treatment of the Coronavirus

One of the most touted new treatments is the use of a drug called chloroquine. This drug has been used in the treatment of malaria for many years with great success. Surprisingly it is also showing some promise in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus as well.

Unlike hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine is not indicated to give heart problems as a side effect. While there are other side effects that can occur, people with a pre-existing heart condition can generally tolerate this drug more readily than they can tolerate hydroxychloroquine.

Once a person is diagnosed with the coronavirus, they can have a discussion with their doctor about the different treatments that are available to them and decide which drug may be the most effective for them. Because each medication has different side effects, drug choice can be a critical decision that can affect the outcome for a patient.

Patients Can Get Online Orders of Aralen or Chloroquine

For people who become significantly ill with COVID-19 and require medical intervention, the treatment of chloroquine can be prescribed by their doctor. This prescription may come under the brand name Aralen. There are several ways people can buy Aralen from home without needing to go to a pharmacy.

Patients who wish to not go out can get their prescriptions filled and buy chloroquine online from the comfort of their own home. Once their doctor gives them a prescription, a patient can buy Aralen from an online pharmacy that serves consumers for online medication needs. Once the patient buys chloroquine online, it will be shipped directly to their home without needing to go out to a pharmacy for pick up. Chloroquine should not be given to children as it may lead to serious side effects.